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Puri Santrian Resort Review – Bali
2 Reasons To Do A Mortgage Refinance

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Puri Santrian Resort Review – Bali

Puri Santrian is gorgeous resort that sits on the gentle coastline of Sanur in Bali, famed for its breathtaking sunrises, and offers a reposed alternative to the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Seminyak . This is Bali at its hospitable best, with renovated facilities that exceed any expectations of a tropical hideaway on a stunningly beautiful island.
This is a family owned and operated resort, which reflects the renowned Balinese hospitality and warmth of spirit that often seems forgotten in so many of the modern properties of a flourishing Bali. It is here that each guest will find a secure and attentive sojourn amongst frangipanis, flowing waters and ponds, as well as cool wood and stone structures against a stunning Indian Ocean backdrop. Who could ask for more?

A Thai Valentine

Well, a hungry gourmand might. In that case, one of the two restaurants will be sure to appease any esurient appetite. The Mezzanine was recently relaunched under the skilled Thai hands of Chef Supachai Lamtaisong to great acclaim. Chef Supachai can now boast the only authentic Thai restaurant in Sanur, much to everyone’s delight.
Having travelled the world to appease the growing demand in Thai cuisine, Chef Supachai now finds himself enchanting the local, expatriate and international diner through many of his exquisite dishes. Choose from Yam Woon Sen Salad (prawns and mixed chicken flavoured hot and sour) or Gai Hor Bai Toey (marinated deep fried chicken breast wrapped in pandanus leaves).
As a main, warm things up a little with a colourful Thai curry, such as Gang Kiew Wan Neua Rue Gai (green curry w/beef or chicken mixed w/basil leaves & eggplant), or indulge in the Hoi Malaeng Phu Ob Mor Din-Ruam mit Talay Yang (mussels seasoned w/kaffir lime leaves, galanga, lemon grass & coriander baked in a clay pot with assorted vegetables in an oyster sauce). All of the aforementioned are complimented by one of the many wines from a very well stocked in-house cellar.
Perfect for a spicy valentine dinner, to warm things up a little! The Mezanine opens daily from 7pm.

Cocktails & Massages

During the day, dine beneath a canopy of cooling wood and Palimanen stone- pillars poolside at the Beach Club Restaurant as a fresh ocean breeze caresses the scenery, and whets the appetite. The menu is wholesome, varied and will satisfy all tastes. Over at the pool, order a lazy cocktail at the sunken bar and get into the holiday swing of pure indulgence as the Bali sun kisses your shoulders.
Then, why not finish the perfect day at the impressive spa, and indulge yourself from an array of treatments such as; a Balinese Massage , an Aromatherapy Massage, Foot Reflexology or the sublime Healing Massage, all reasonably priced and lasting an hour each. There are also spa packages that last from a couple of hours to five hours for a couple to while away the afternoon in sheer unadulterated, romantic bliss.


The Puri Santrian also offers wedding organisation, and can rouse the imagination of each wedding party by an out to sea ceremony from one of its moored pontoons. During the day, these very pontoons are the epitome of laziness with a couple of sun-loungers and guests lolling waterside. The Puri Santrian in truly a gem of a surprise in gentle Sanur, and has definitely earned its right to be ‘the intimate alternative’.
If the pricing at this resort is out of your range you could do a Bali villa search and find something within your budget that is still close by and enjoy the benefits of the local region.
Posted on June 20, 2017 February 8, 2018 by CantuleGapHolder

2 Reasons To Do A Mortgage Refinance

What is the purpose of getting a mortgage refinance? Should you even get one? There are many reasons to get a mortgage refinance but I am going to uncover the top 2reasons to get one. Before we get into the top 4 reasons, what makes you interested in getting a mortgage refinance?
Did you know that when you do a mortgage refinance there will be fees tacked onto your existing loan, so it is only a wise choice to go through with it if there will be a big difference in interest , payments, or loan length?

Take Out Your Homes Equity

Taking out equity in your home is normally done to pay off bills and become debt free other than your home or to get some cash to fix up your home. There are many other reasons people refinance their loan and take out the equity but these the most common.
The one thing I caution you about when taking out the equity in your home is to not take more than 80% of the equity out because once you do you will be required to pay private mortgage insurance(PMI) . Private mortgage insurance may not sound like a big deal to you now but it will once you see you are paying hundreds per month for it.
One tip I have for anybody who is thinking about using their homes equity to pay off bills and debts is to let your lender send the checks to the companies. This simple task not only saves you the trouble but it is also a great way to show the lender you are serious about paying off debt and because of that they will often times give you a smaller interest rate.

Get Rid Of PMI

Since we are already talking about PMI let’s get right into it. Why do I have PMI in the first place? The reason most homeowners have PMI is because they bought the house with less than 20% down. Now I understand most lenders allowed people to get into new and existing homes for little or no money down but that is only because they knew they had PMI to fall back on in case you didn’t pay your loan or the value of the house dropped.
Now that you understand why you have PMI the one way to get rid of it is to owe less than 80% of the home’s value. The nice part about this is normally houses increase in value while simultaneously you are paying the debt down.
Since most people pay between $100-$200 per month for PMI it will often times take you about 2 years of not paying the private mortgage insurance to make up for the amount you paid in fees for the refinance, so if you plan to sell your home in a couple years this may not be the best idea. Normally getting rid of PMI should be partnered with another reason or else it isn’t worth it.
Posted on May 27, 2017 May 27, 2017 by CantuleGapHolder
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