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Prebait is an angling / fishing social utility that connects people with friends and others who fish the same coarse fishing venues around them. People use Prebait to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos of their fishing trips, share and videos, and learn more about the venues they fish.

Anyone can join Prebait

All that's needed to join Prebait is a valid email address. To connect with fellow anglers or club mates, use your club or society work email address to register. Once you register, join a regional, or club network to connect with the people in your area or club. REGISTER

Discover the people who fish around you

Prebait is made up of many networks, each based around a venue, region, coarse fishing technique or club. Join the networks that reflect your real-life fishing venues to learn more about venues and people who fish the same venues as you.

Do more for your sport

Prebait's platform enables anyone, anywhere, to map their venues on Yahoo and Google maps, fill out individual session reports accumulate points by being active on the site and redeem them against a range of gifts. Prebait also allows you to plot where you have seen polution and illegal activities which we will forward to the relevant authorities on a regular basis.

Keep it private

At Prebait, we believe that people should have control over how they share their information and who can see it. As we all know there is huge problem with illegal poaching and netting in our country which we have noticed has lead to very poor reports being published on the various internet forums. On Prebait people can only see the profiles of confirmed friends and the people in their networks. You can use our privacy settings at any time to control who can see what on Prebait.

Recent News

great idea
Please support these friends of the site with their Kickstarter project. Great idea

Robert James Haughet - MBE
A man that first took one of our members fishing over 40 years ago and has been advising angling clubs and government on fish,or angling,maters for many years has just been awarded the mbe for services to the fishing industry in NI. He is an avid angler and fishes all over Ireland. Congratulations to Mr Robert James Haughey, for services to the fishing industry in Northern Ireland - MBE

European Police Coarse Angling Championships Holland September 2011
Congratulations to Garda Siochana Maver backed Coarse Angling team from Ireland and Peter Walsh for a sterling performance in Holland read the full report here European Police Coarse Angling Championships

Junior team Ireland win
Congratulations to the Irish junior fishing team who won the international match today. Report to follow.

Congratulations .....
Well done to all the Junior Anglers named to fish on the Leinster Junior Interprovincial Team including a couple of members Mark Connolly, Rob Kavanagh, Lewis Parr, Robert Smithers, Sam Morrison and Curtis Walsh. Thanks, Gavin Walsh Junior Team Ireland Manager.
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