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Exclusive Carp Fishing Holidays in France with House and Pool

Les Gravelles Comfortable Accommodation sleeps up to 6 - Stunning Grounds and Private Pool in beautiful surroundings

Welcome to Les Gravelles
Luxury Carp Fishing in France
Due to cancellation
16 to 23 June
25 Aug to 1 Sept 2018
now available
Carp Fishing in France Exclusive French Carp Fishing Holiday with Beautiful House and Swimming Pool in 12 acres of private woodland
Exclusive French Carp Fishing Holidays at Les Gravelles
Lakeside House, Private Swimming Pool all within 12 acres of Private Woodland
Exclusive French Carp Fishing Holiday with Lakeside House and Pool
Relax whilst waiting for the Carp to feed
Exclusive Carp Fishing Holiday in South West France - Carp to 49lbs
The Carp Fishing Holiday in France
The Whole Family Can Enjoy
Carp Fishing Holidays France the perfect angling holidays in France beautiful surroundings that the whole family can enjoy
More then just a fishing holiday in France - Les Gravelles is a wonderful experience for everyone
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Carp Fishing in France at Les Gravelles

The Perfect Carp Fishing Holiday in France that Everyone Can Enjoy

Les Gravelles your very own private country estate with exclusive 2.5 acre carp fishing lake , swimming pool and comfortable villa style accommodation which sleeps up to 6 for your perfect Carp Fishing Holiday in France
If you are looking for comfortable accommodation in a picturesque setting and good carp fishing in France all yours for the duration of your holiday then look no further

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