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In-Line Float

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The In-Line Float
The inline float can be used either in the margins on the surface or down the shelf to catch small to medium size fish, yet being able to cope with large fish too as the inline float is designed so that the line passes through the body of the float hence there is no pressure on the body of the float and any float rubbers that would possibly cut through when playing hard fighting Carp.
My favourite float body is diamond shaped this allow's a slow dropping presentation of the bait as the body will roll and incline on the surface in union with the tip and stem, unlike any other body shape.
The shape also leans itself to holding still in choppy windy conditions and comes with a natural camouflage green colour, this float is recommended to be included in any tackle box.
However In-line floats can come in other shapes including Pear drop and reverse Pear combating windy conditions and drift. Threading the line through the small line hole in the float is easy when using a sowing needle otherwise making your rigs up in the comfort of the home is more practical due to its fine procedure
Diamond Shape
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