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Down Shelf

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Down Shelf Commercial Float
An important float in any commercial anglers tackle box is a study strong commercial float, similar to a margin float but slightly larger: Ranging from 0.50 gram to 1.5 gram.
Fishing in the deeper water will require either an Olivette or shots hence the slightly larger float, also down the shelf as the bottom of the lake/pond starts to even off, this is where the loose feed finishes and ends up. Either the margin feed such as pellets, corn, meat, maggot, worms etc... Or if you have fed for surface fish such as F1 Carp then the surplus feed, (uneaten bait) will end on the bottom.
I have constructed the deep commercial float range similar to the tough margin float, with strong fibre glass or carbon stem, combined with extra strong wire eyes and the line groove down a high density foam body, so the float can withstand the robust fishing required.
Constructing the body design to combat wind or tow using the basics of revers pear aerodynamic shape as I Discussed in previous pages of the website.


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The Gold Medal Commercial Float Range
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