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Extreme Fishing Thailand Guided by Thailand's Leading Team of Elite Fishing Guides

Extreme Fishing Thailand
Guided by Thailand's Leading Team of Elite Fishing Guides

Extreme Fishing Thailand with Robson Green Guided by Fish Thailand
Robson Green's Thailand episode was guided by Eddie Mounce & his Fish Thailand Team & aired across the globe. The making of Extreme Fishing Thailand with Robson Green had viewers enthralled as Robson takes on the giant freshwater stingray, Mekong giant catfish, Indian carp & Amazonian species.
Martin Bowler's Jurassic Fishing Adventure
Watch Full Length Video
Martin Bowler's Thailand DVD Filmed at Jurassic Fishing Park
Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park is home to some of the world's largest freshwater fish with carp approaching 200lb, catfish to 220lb and arapaima to 350lb. "And So." When UK's professional angler Martin Bowler travels to Jurassic Fishing Park in search of a monster, he enlists the help of Eddy Mounce. Together and joined by angling legend John Wilson, they seek to land the dinosaur of the lake. Watch the video and read more..............
The world's most prolific freshwater big game fishing venue in Bangkok. Fish Thailand's average provides clients with Mekong giant catfish over 85lb every 1 in 3 trips. Bungsamran holds cats to 300lb & carp to 220lb. Read More....
Jurassic Carp Fishing Thailand ... .. Thailand's Most Prolific Monster carp Fishing Resort!
Fishing at Thailand's top luxury fishing resort Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park for the country's biggest carp. Read More....
Discovery Channel's 'River Monsters' Snakehead With Angling Adventurer Jeremy Wade
Filming & fishing in Thailand, Jeremy Wade guided by Fish Thailand take on Siamese carp & Mekong catfish at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok before giant snakehead fishing Khao Laem Dam; revealing some 'Killer Snakehead' stories from local spear fisherman. Read More...
Thailand's Biggest Arapaima Ever Landed . Estimated at 450lb - Record Breaking Size!
Andy Harman began his global monster fish quest arapaima fishing in Thailand. On his third visit to Thailand inside one year Andy struck gold landing a record size arapaima while fishing in Bangkok. Read More..
Greatest Lure Fishing Adventure!
Join Fish Thailand's jungle snakehead fishing safari to Cheow Lan Dam in South Thailand. The very best & most wilderness snakehead fishing in Thailand with 5 more species to target! Read More...
The 'Fish Thailand Explorer' 16ft Lure Fishing Boat Fish in Comfort & Style From our 16ft Bass Boat
Lure fishing at Khao Laem Dam from Fish Thailand's new 16ft Avenger Bass Boat. Complete with echo-sounder, remote control trolling motor, raised swivel casting chairs, livebait tank, collapsible roof, 115hp outboard engine & carpeted deck. Thailand's most specialist snakehead fishing boat & guided trips. Read More..
Jungle Carp Fishing Thailand Package ............... Wildest Carp Fishing Safari Ever!
Rohu or more commonly known as Indian Carp are found fishing Thailand 's vast freshwater ocean of Khao Laem Dam. Fishing from our carp raft in a swim pre-baited for 1 week amongst Thailand's outstanding natural beauty. Read More....
Siamese Carp Fishing Bangkok Package .......... Carp Over 200lb!
Thailand is home to the largest specie of carp in the world, the Siamese giant carp. Fishing in the heart of Bangkok produces more carp over 100lb than any other part of Thailand. Growing to well over 200lb, Bungsamran Lake is truly every carp anglers dream. Read More.....

Freshwater Stingray Fishing Thailand Package .... Guided Trips from 5900 THB!
Robson Green embarked on fighting a 500lb freshwater stingray for over one hour. Guided by Fish Thailand on the Bang Pakong River resulted in Robson landing the biggest freshwater fish ever caught on Extreme Fishing. This package is available now. Read More....
Welcome to Fish Thailand, providers of the most reputable guided fishing holidays in Thailand. The Fish Thailand Team boast a floorless & unequalled track record of guiding clients from over 50 countries into the Thailand fishing holidays of their lifetime. Our team of professional fishing Thailand guides owns 180 years of collective Thailand fishing knowledge & experience.
The Fish Thailand Team are not only Thailand’s top anglers, but also and equally as important; are the most accomplished & qualified team of fishing guides in Thailand , as certified officially by the IGFA.
Eddy Mounce - IGFA Certified Guide
Fish Thailand is certified by the International Game Fishing Association; guaranteeing our clients quality service with expert tuition and guiding.
Choose the package to suit you, from our arm-wrenching 1 day fishing Bangkok 'stopover session' to our acclaimed 'Jungle Fishing Safari' - or be adventurous and 'create your own' Thailand fishing holidays package.
Take up the challenge of lure fishing Thailand lakes in search of the fierce but beautiful giant snakehead or the world famous and most treasured trophy fish – the barramundi, find out more about barramundi fishing in Thailand here.
If you have never experienced fishing Thailand then an absolute ‘must’ would be fishing for Mekong giant catfish at Bungsamran - our big fish venue. Here you can switch techniques with the help of our professional fishing guides and target the largest carp in the world – the giant Siamese carp , native only to Thailand.
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