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NEWS [Make us your homepage] Caterers Called On To Take Wild Sea Bass Off The Menu
The Angling Trust has written to the British Hospitality Association calling on it to make sure its members arenít supporting illegal fishing by selling or serving protected spawning sea bass in Feb... [more]
Angling Trust
Toxic chemicals pose further threat to struggling English chalkstream
Currently many of our rivers across the UK are impacted by a variety of undesirable inputs. Influencing the future health of these important waterways is a key objective of wild fish charity, Salmon ... [more]
Salmon & Trout Conservation

Written By: Peter Smith
Date: 22/2/2018 [View] End of Season:
Eden Lower, Middle Glyn Freeman
By: Glyn Freeman [View]
Goliath Tiger Fishing Congo River
So you want a fishing adventure try the Congo River 120km up stream from Brazzaville we have a luxury lodge which sleeps 12 maximum, sharing rooms, the target fish by Lure Bait and fly is the 'mbenga' or legendary Goliath Tiger Fish. on a 7 night 6 day fishing trip we will offer 10% for bookings in ... [more]
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