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Product Revue Page!
Welcome To my weekly updated Product Revue Page ,
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ABU GARCIA have linked the name and cosmetics of this reel to the famous original 506/7
The 706 was proved to be the best selling UK ABU reel for several years and by using their engineers and consultants they have made some key changes to improve the reel further and becoming 507 MKII!
- New handle assembly is more secure and the syncro drag is more efficient (added carbon washers)
- Improved gear components have made the reel feel smoother and more powerful
- Improved the gear lock design - now the pin secures the gear without damaging it
- Added arrow on the reel rotor to help show the correct direction to remove
- Improved the push button / pin release mechanism. Is now more positive and reliable - same original 506
- New ceramic coated line pin that reduces ware and increases winching power
- Improved the chenille quality so it works correctly
- Wheel Drag for playing big fish
◾Advanced Polymeric body with aluminium front cone
◾On / Off instant anti-reverse switch
◾Supplied with 3 x shallow, 1 x deep spool, Deluxe reel case
◾Ultra smooth syncro drag
◾Saltwater protected
Over the next few weeks I shall be testing this New Reel and I will give you my honest opinion of it's quality
Being a fan of the ABU reel of which I have used for over 40 years I believe I know a thing or two about the ABU range of reels. Come Back soon.......
Catch more fish By checking the pressure changes
The EB312E Handheld Barometer is a portable handheld travel barometer that detects the barometric pressure change within its immediate area (approx. 20 miles radius). Based on this changing pressure, it displays an illustrated weather icon indicating the weather forecast for 12 to 24 hours ahead.
LCD digital with weather forecast icons
Barometeric presssure trend display
Built in storm warning alarm
Temperature display (Internal Temp Sensor)
Maxiimum and minimum temperature memory
Clock and Calendar display
Clock Alarm
Low battery indicator
HiGlo backlight
Water resistant
Batteries included
The Duncan Tailknott’r is a patented quality tool that ties a patented knot.The Tailknott'r is engineered to produce rapid and simple knots. In addtion to tying knots, it will cut the line and will open bottles.
See Web Site
As Seen In Anglers Mail
The Light Emitting Fishing LureYidlibe, The Light Emitting Fishing Lure has been in development for the past 5 years, and has only just been released.Yidlibe has been given its first review by Ian Welch for Anglers Mail and passed with flying colours.A copy of this review can be seen on our website Under “reviews”.
Yidlibe is a revolutionary new product which is designed to increase your catch.
Most fishing lures work by vibration or reflection of sunlight. As many people know, when a fish is in deep murky water or when night fishing, there is no sun to reflect off a fish or lure. The aim of Yidlibe is to simulate the natural reflection of sunlight on a fish using an integrated circuit and light source within the lure.Yidlibe is different from other the other similar lures currently on the market. Many light emitting lures just flash when the light is pulled and only partially light up the lure, Yidlibe lights up the entire length of the lure body and will intermittently flash every 3 seconds at a frequency which has been proven to catch fish, unlike some lures that pulsate continuously with no set frequency and drain the battery within a few hours Yidlibe will give approximately 750 hours of fishing time.
The lure turns itself on when placed in water and off when taken out of water.

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