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Clive Branson's
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Fishing Guide Wales on CD eBook
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Clive Branson CD Collection
The Complete Beginners
This programme Includes
A trip to the local Tackle Shop
Setting up a waggler rig on winder
Tying a hook Eyed and Spade end
A trip to the maggot Farm
Hooking the bait correctly
Casting Landing a fish
Plus lots more
Fishing a Waggler on Running Wate r
Watch Clive Fishing the River
with his favourite method
on location in Denmark
Casting, Baiting and Landing Fish
Including Fishing Gaffs
Fishing the Waggler on Stillwater
Watch Clive as he teaches you
The Art of Waggler Fishing
On Stillwater
Including Types of float
Casting, Striking and Baiting up
Match Fishing With Clive Branson Part 1
Follow Clive Throughout
Three Match fishing Days
Including The Warwickshire Avon
And Morgan Pond in South Wales
Also including How to Scrape Bloodworm
Match Fishing for Beginners
Watch Clive as he shows you
the Basics of Match Fishing
Including Stillwater and
Running Water
Pole Fishing By Clive Branson
The Basic's of Pole Fishing
Including Pole to Hand
Pole fishing the River
(An early version of pole fishing)
Including his fishing gaffs
Pole to Hand on the River
Follow Clive as he Switches
From Rod and line fishing
to Pole to Hand
Showing you the method to
Bag up quickly

UnCut Version of The World Championships
(Rare Footage)
In Italy on the River Arno 1985
When England won their First Championships
Wales produced their first Medal
Phil Davies Bronze
And Dave Roper Become Englands
Gold Medal Champion
Fishing the Feeder
Watch Clive as he fishes the
Feeder on the River Guden
In Denmark
Fishing The Loafer
Watch Clive as he Fishes
The Loafer
A Short Demonstration
of Fishing the River with this
Amazing Float
(Purchase this product and get A FREE
Float Fishing Encylopedia eBook)
Fishing Gaffs With Clive Branson
Have fun watching Clive
As he makes his Video Series
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