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The Anglers Database is Windows 7 Compatible
The current version has been fully tested to work on Windows 7, Vista and XP Operating Systems....more >>
"Thanks for an excellent program. "
The Anglers Database is now available to purchase on-line (£19.99).
Why not download our 30-day trial version - try before you buy!
The Anglers Database is the PC System of Choice for all Coarse Anglers that:
Is designed and built for the UK Coarse Angler.
Uses an intuitive and easy to use Image based approach for recording your angling experience.
Is a log for your fishing and the experience you gained.
Allows you to link photographs of your captures to the records in the system.
Records and helps you to learn from your angling exploits.
Captures the moments of success and the circumstances that lead to it.
Is the basis for your angling experimentation.
Helps you reflect upon your fishing and improve the prospects for future success.
Identifies Patterns in feeding activity.
Makes planning and preparing your fishing sessions more effective.
Points you at what hasn’t worked in the past and allows you to utilise the lessons learned when few or no fish are caught.
When combined with your experience, equipment and waters it will improve your fishing.
Whilst some of us have excellent memories and remember every trip – for others there is the Anglers Database.
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